Japan Trip 14th June ~ 1st July

I have always wanted to go to Japan(and see all the nice gadgets, cars and of course chio bus) and my chance came when I have a month or so of holidays after graduation. I left Ithaca on the 13th of July and reached Tokyo on the 14th. I was supposed to meet De'en in Tokyo on the 16th night so I have 2 days to spend alone in Tokyo. We did not have any prior iternary but made plans as we went along. Our final iternary turned out to be:

14th~19th Tokyo  
20th~22st Kyoto  
23th~24thnd Osaka  
24nd~28th Okinawa  
29th Hakone  
30th Tokyo  

Below are specially selected pictures taken with my SONY DSC V1

15th June Tokyo
Bic camera building in Ginza
Sony PSX
A WRX transformers toy
My camera for --800bux?!?
Sony TR5A
Roadside food vendors
SONY building
PS2s in the SONY building
Sony Laptops
I spent the day walking around in Ginza and looking at electronics. Not a very eventful day as you can see from the pictures

16th June Tokyo

Various Japanese art pieces
Various Japanese art pieces
Various Japanese art pieces
Various Japanese art pieces
A nice Kimono
Some Dolls
Dolls again
Very nice Kimono
Backyard of the Museum
Some Samurai Suit
Samurai Armor
Another Nice Kimono design
The Cultural Museum
The Museum itself
Samurai walking a dog statue
A shrine next to the samurai statue
black market
sushi travellator place where I ate lunch
Sony Vaios galore!!
Capsule shop
Capsules again!
Gundams and Gundams
More Gundam
Console Games Galore!!

Love Hina toys too expensive to buy so I just take photo

Guns! BB guns!
Shop where people sell their stuff through rented space
One of the cabinets
Akihabara skyline
My favourite place! LAOX building-- 6 stories of cool stuff !!
I went to Ueno where I visited the black market and the Tokyo museum. Later, I went to the electronics mecca of Tokyo, Akihabara where I discovered the mother lode of electronics, collectables, anime stuff and the like.
17th June Tokyo

Statue of Liberty, 'Golden gate bridge', Tokyo Tower

State again
Tokyo infocom building
G-shock shop
Toyota Megaweb
Funky Hand dryer
Sony Multimedia system
Using a Vaio in the Sonystyle shop
Sony multimedia device
HA! Me using my dream laptop, the TR Vaio
The TR Vaio next to the smallest PC I've ever seen
Watching repeating clips of Spiderman
Nice Dinosaur Egg seats
Walking towards Toyota Megaweb
The humongous Ferris Wheel
Inside the shopping mall. Looks very much like Caesars Palace
Thats me!
Caesar's Palace lookalike
Me and Deen
Cars stacked up in the Toyota Megaweb
Cars display area. Press a button and the car will come to you
I have no idea what car this is
Hmmm if only I owned one
Toyota MRS
Celica again!
O Celica..
Celica GT4
Delorean from BTTF
Old Collectable cars
Ancient Celica
There's a Celica I could barely afford
Cars for the lazy
Cool futuristic car
Supra. Too bad I couldnt take a photo inside
The Tokyo world trade center
Looking back at the ferris wheel and MegaWeb
The world trade center with a huge saw
The only chiobu I saw in the entire Japan....
Joined by De'en, we headed to Odaiba, Tokyo Bay. We didn't expect to have so much fun at the Toyota Megaweb there since it wasn't even covered in our Lonely Planet book. Later, I brought De'en to Akihabara where I finally found my wide angle lens.
18th ~ 19th June Tokyo
Evening before the climb
Mt. Fuji
Its me!
De'en and me taken with my DSC V1 and new wide angle lens
Mt. Fuji again
Without wide angle lens
5th station
Sky is getting darker
and darker
Well, we could see the city lights from our location
Infra-Red shot showing the city lights
Shack out!! at the 7th station after climbing for 4 hours ++
At the top finally!!
There I am!
a brighter sunrise
The crater, to prove that we were up there
De'en and I using the wide angle lens
Nice View!
The Tojii up there.
Use the flash!!!
Ahh damn I closed my eyes
See! only I can take good pics with my camera
As evident

in these 2 pictures De'en didn't know how to use the V1

Closer look at the crater
Shops at the summit. Wonder how the owners got up there everyday
Finally the sun is up!
Its cold as hell up there
Giving the shack face!
A view downwards of all the rest stations
Better be careful!
A temple at the summit
Finally !! Reached the 5th station again after walking down for 4 hours!!!!
Mt Fuji yet again... the wide angle lens scratched my camera!!
The Mt. Fuji Shrine
Fujifilm with Mt. Fuji
Thats me
The climbing route
Boy! One of these cost 400 yen!!
Finally, going to get back to the hostel for a good rest...
We decided to climb mount Fuji. The trip to the Kawaguchiko took like 1.5 hours and we still had to take a cab to the 5th station which cost a whooping 12300 yen!! We began the climb at 7:30 pm and reached the summit at around 4am. It was too cold up there so we started to climb down at 5:30, finally reaching the 5th station again at 9:30am.

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