Photos and Art

Ever since I bought my trusty old SONY DSC P2, I have taken photos of virtually anything. Along with my trusty Canon scanner, I am pleased to present to you, various pictures of my university life in Cornell university as well as hilarious moments and events back in Singapore. Of course now that I have my powerful new SONY DSC V-1, taking pictures has never been more fun.

Since I am in possession of a few zillion pictures, those that will appear on this site will be specially handpicked and edited for offensive content.

One of my various hobbies include sketching and drawing although I must admit I am not very good at it (since I have no professional training....).

For your convenience, these have been placed in their respective categories which can be accessed via the menu bar on the left.

Please note that the images on this site are the property of the Cunning Jester™ and any attempt to distribute or disfigure them will be met with swift justice (i.e. the S.W.A.T. expert marksman will come and kick your @$$).



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