Cornell Photos

Since I will need some time to put up the 100,000,000 pictures I took in Cornell, I will do it backwards chronogically, starting from my Graduation in Summer 04

Graduation Summer 04 (May 29 ~ May 30)

Final Texas Holdem game the night before the 29th...
All set to go for ECE commencement
On stage receiving my cert (actually its just a empty cert holder...)
Yep thats me alrigtht!
Prof. Cliff Pollock, Dean of the ECE department
Dr. John Belina, I took many classes with him
Mum + Dad
Best buddy/housemate, De'en
Mum and Dad again
Fellow ECEs from Hongkong... on my left, (I 4got his name), on my right, Ken who is now in Kodak
With Puay Han at the Sundial
Back View of my gown
Yet another pal from Hongkong, Vincent
Graduation day on the 30th... Zhongwei is the lucky 1st one to take pic with the Jester!
left to right, Wenshan, Puay Han, Me
Christina.. does she have to use a balloon everytime! no matter this time I'm not going to be there to save the ballon from flying off!!
Darius Liu, Mechanical Engineering Genius
Best hunting, roadtrip, travel buddy, Joel Chan
Joel + Darius
Best buddy, salsa master, Eng Hwa
Best Buddy/housemate, De'en
Flashy Sportscar owner Yiliang
Best housemates I've ever had, De'en and Chinghao.. miss you guys!!
Diving buddy/ ECE488 fellow homework copier, Danny Chow
Clara, my ex-girlfriend... Great times!
Econs and Computer genius Eric Fang
Jiaying, drinking buddy
Wow, somebody actually got the hermit, Raymond to come out!
With Sister Donna and Father Bob from the Catholic Church..
What I saw!
There you go, Christina and her parade of balloons.. this time I'm not sitting next to them already
Fellow DSTA scholars, Marvin and Heliang
The elusive ECE master, Zi Hern, me and Marvin
The happy folks to my left
Ah yes, best car buddy, Mr. Wong Chee Yan and De'en
Prof. Bruce Land, who gave me A+ for my MEng Project
Mum and Dad
Spoils of War!!
My true best buddy, Jun from Buffalo
Jun and Wei, his friend
well.. everything is over..

29th May, ECE graduation. Bill Clinton was the Guest of honor for the speech in the morning but alas, I was not able to attend since my folks were stuck at the airport due to turbulent weather the night before and had to be picked up the next morning...

30th May, Commencement. Since last year I didn't do anything crazy for commencement, I decided to wear my Real Madrid Jester Cap. It was really great fun!!! Everyone wanted a photo with me:) Oh well, this would be my final day as a student in Cornell University... really going to miss working late at night, eating cereals for all 3 meals etc...




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