3GSAF Exhibition & SITEX 2004
ASTER missile
Sulim and his exhibit
Kimyong and the Aster
Me and the Aster
Me and SPIKE
The Delta Frigate
Ready to pack it up
Sitex: Ms X quake3 competition
The score sheet... really pathetic!
The smallest PC ever...


Goi's Farewell 2004
Sushi dinner at Sushi Teh
The Penetrator
KerWait lah
Eh mai lah!!!
Whos next???
Jun is oblivious to the danger that awaits him
Mai this guy lah!!
MMMM @$$!!!
Kevin is camera shy
Denise is here
Mai this guy lah!!
Thats really Gay lorrr
The Ching Dynasty reject we saw at Aircon kopitiam
Laughing until cannot stop
Really Ching Dynasty reject.
Last gathering at Goi's
All look here lah!!
Asking Goi to eat Durian is like asking him to eat $h1t
Kevin eating Durian with Tissue
really force him
John holding him like some girl

Havok/Carnasaur Photo

Family pic, Mum,dad
and family pet....
at the airport BK
Goodbye, Goilly
Mai again!!!!
Mai this one lah!!!
Clownface with middlefinger
Goodbye Sally
Goodbye again!!


My birthday celebration 2004
Dinner at some expensive place
Mum n Dad
Wow a cake
All the Aunties
Shihui and Terence have been celebrating my birthday with me since 2000
Shihui the official cake cutter
The gang in my house
I think I am abit drunk
Simi HARRY!!!!
Hanging out
Cake part 2
Make a wish
I can't pose like Dean lah...
All the Vodka
Really drunk but still playing GGXX
group pic with the sony broom
Mai Kevin lah
how come cannot fly one!!!
Wow, time really flies. I am now 25 years old.




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