Drawings and Sketches

Here are some of the more recent art pieces that I have done. I have drawn many pictures since primary school but these are the first pieces I have done using professional pencils and paper instead of doodling on scrap paper with a mechanical pencil. Please click on the pictures for a bigger version.


One of the 1st good pieces I have done. This was done during NS in 2000. Its a copy of the Famli Compo manga character.

Some samurai pic I drew for a L5R RPG game in freshman year 2000.

A sketch of the Zeus statue outside of Statler hotel for my Archi 231 class.

A sketch of Gigi Lai as Zhao Min in some HK series.

A sketch of my dream car, the Skyline GTR34

A sketch of my car, the '94 Celica ST202

A sketch of Tessa from Full Metal Panic! One of the 1st good ones (even though its copied)

The next sketch of Chidori from Full Metal Panic!I think this one is also quite nice even though its also copied.

This next one is Weber from FMP! Someone say I should try drawing guys for a change

A so-so picture of the Underworld Poster

A nice picture of Xiang Hua from Soul Calibur II. I drew her with her 2P costume although the face and limbs were taken from another picture. Also tried my hand at coloring but its not so nice.

Another attempt at sketching Xiang Hua. This is also my 1st try at sketching from imagination without a reference.

Inspired by the movie S.W.A.T. Well, he doesn't look all that gurang....



Scale Model Assembly

One of my other hobbies include scale model assembly. Unfortunately, only a few are in presentable shape and so they are shown here:

Well, thats it for now. I have several new models and art pieces but I have to wait till I find the time to get off my lazy @$$ to scan/take pictures of them.


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