Japan Trip 14th June ~ 1st July

I have always wanted to go to Japan(and see all the nice gadgets, cars and of course chio bus) and my chance came when I have a month or so of holidays after graduation. I left Ithaca on the 13th of July and reached Tokyo on the 14th. I was supposed to meet De'en in Tokyo on the 16th night so I have 2 days to spend alone in Tokyo. We did not have any prior iternary but made plans as we went along. Our final iternary turned out to be:

14th~19th Tokyo  
20th~22nd Kyoto  
23th~24thnd Osaka  
24nd~28th Okinawa  
29th Hakone  
30th Tokyo  

Below are specially selected pictures taken with my SONY DSC V1

20th ~ 21st June Kyoto
Nice blue flowers!
Along botanical garden
immense space
nice Torii
This tree is pretty old
The Palace
A Kimono... will wonders ever cease!
GGXX competition.
Travelator sushi
This is the nice room we stayed in..
And the nice Ryokan from the outside
everything neatly folded... by me!
Kyoto Market
Just a pile of leaves
View from the train station
More Temple
Typhoon number 6
Looks pretty bad...
I don't care!
I have an umbrella!
Nice looking shrine
Me with nice looking shrine
House of ZEN
I could stay here forever
The lake at the temple
Token shot to show I was there
Bamboo forest
Bamboo forest
Bamboo forest
Bamboo forest
Another shrine
Whats the fascination with the bamboo!!!!
yeah.. its bamboo
A temple we walked 1 hr to get to but it was closed due to typhoon
Orange Torii... hmmm looks familiar..
Oh yeah! Same color
Yeah we saw that already.
Nice way to save parking space.....
Yeah Japanese wear! I'm not sure this is a bathrobe or pajamas..
Kyoto was very nice and scenic. Much less crowded than Tokyo. We were caught in a typhoon on the 2nd day but we decided to press on since we already took a train there for the temple trail. Didn't regret it at all!!

22nd June Kyoto

More Temple
Yeah nice view of Kyoto
Red Temple
Here we have a temple
Arm getting tired
Swords on sale
humongous Budda
Shrine next to the Budda
Apparently this is where the Last samurai was filmed
and here
and here
and here
and me
same place
Gigantic Torii under construction
Yet another red temple
Sake barrels all stacked up
Yes!!! A Celica
Well this IS a temple trail after all
Another view of the temple
Kyoto U
Kyoto U again
Well its back to the shopping district again
Inside the shopping district
People playing Initial D
final night in Yuhara Ryokan

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