Sony Craze

As you have probably guessed by now, I am a brand conscious person and my all time favourite brand is Sony. Heck I have so many Sony stuff that you might think that I am actually sponsored by SONY (Yah in my dreams). NOTHING TOUCHES THESE HANDS BUT SONY BABY!!!

Here is my SONY collection in chronological order (Pictures taken by SONY DSC V1 and DSC P2)

1) The one that started it all:

The Sony Vaio PCG SR33 Laptop which I bought in the spring of 2002. Both my housemates (Joel and Alan) were each getting laptops so I thought "Hey! What the hell, I can't be left out!" so I placed a bid on (the ultimate scam site beware!!)

SONY PCG-SR33(refurbished) -- Price: USD 750

Celeron 600, 10", 10 gig HDD, 128 meg ram, 8mb video card, weight:1.2 pounds

Unfortunately this hunk of junk stopped working recently but I think it has been utilised enough to cover the $$ spent.

2) The first Sony Camera

The Sony Digital Still Camera DSC P-2 camera which I bought in the summer of 2002. Since the laptop above comes with a memorystick slot, I thought "You know, what the hell I might as well get that nice new Sony camera that just came out!" so I went to Penisula Plaza and blew my intership allowance on a brand new P-2. Sad to say, 2 weeks later the price of this baby dropped by $100....

SONY DSC P-2 -- Price: SGD 700

2MP, 3x Optical Zoom, comes with 16mb Memory Stick. This camera has been with me to the USA, Spain, France & Puerto Rico. I have since given this camera to my folks.

3) The 3rd SONY Discman/MP3 Player

In fact, the first ever Discman I had was a Sony (Dunno what model number). The second was also another Sony. both were sold after I got this baby... the waterresist, G-protection Sports MP3/CD SONY S2 DCS-901 Discman brand new from Ebay in the winter of 2002.

SONY DCS-901 Discman -- Price: USD 100

CD audio/MP3 player. G-Protection Shock resist, sports strap, one touch joystick (play/rewind/forward). This thing is so solid that if I used it to hit your head, the last thing you will remember will be me dancing to the still-playing music over your fallen body.

4) The 1st Sony Ericssion Phone

Both my new housemates refused to get a fixed landline, instead relying only on their handphones (selfish !@#!s) So I had no choice but to purchase a mobile plan from T-Mobile from in the summer of 2003. The good thing is-- this Sony Ericsson T68i came with the plan for -$0.01

Sony Ericsson T68i Handphone -- Price: USD -0.01($99.99 with $100 rebate from This has since been replaced by my new camera phone but it remains as a standby phone in case I need to go into base or something.


I was getting really really bored in the Fall of 2003 so I waited patiently for a good deal on the SONY PlayStation 2 and swooped in to purchase my best companion for the remainder of my Cornell days....

Sony Playstation 2 with online pack -- Price: USD 199

Still playing!! (Don't tell anyone but this has been modded with a Infinity 1.2 chip)

6) The 2nd Sony camera

The P-2 was getting outdated really quickly! Therefore in the Spring of 2004, I waited patiently for to have a good deal on the not so new but feature packed SONY DSC-V1. And finally, with some luck, the deal came and I pounced on it...

Sony DSC V-1 Prosumer Camera -- Price: USD 378

5 MP. 4x optical zoom, holographic focus assist, manual functions, flash hotshoe. My favourite camera.. excellent pictures, easy to use and compact to boot!!! 3 cheers for this buy!! No regrets at all!!!

7) The 4th Sony Discman/MP3 player

Graduation time! And time for some changes. The new SONY DNS 505 player just came out at Bestbuy for a measly $79.99 and it looks sooooo cool to boot!!!

Sony DNS 505 S2 Discman -- Price: USD $79.99

ATRAC3/MP3/CD player, water resist, shock resist, Heat dissipation cover (why the hell would I need that?!?), Equalizer, right/left hand configurations... etc etc All in all a good buy but its almost the same as my old D-CS 901.

8) And Finally, the 2nd SE handphone

Everybody has a color camera phone!! Not wanting to be left out, I immediately blew $500 on the Sony Ericsson K700i...

Sony Ericsson K700i Handphone -- Price: SGD 498 with free Akono BT headset

Using it currently...

And thats it for now (not counting the tons of Sony Pictures DVDs and Sony music cds that I have).... The next SONY purchase might be the TR3A Vaio laptop who knows? When I get my bonus I guess.....



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